Learn how to Grow your Influence in your Industry

Do you dream of having a loyal following that listens to your every word and buys what you have to sell? I can help you launch your own online business and generate traffic in any given industry.

Facebook is watching

Why I hate Facebook

Don’t get me wrong! I use it and I need it! But there are many reasons why I hate Facebook

web hosting services

Web hosting for startups

Choosing the right web hosting for your startup is the first step to make sure you have a fast and

Get more view on Youtube

How to Market my Youtube Videos

Knowing how to market Youtube videos before uploading them is perhaps the most important part of being a content creator.

How to start your Website?

How to create a website with Bluehost?

These days, anyone can build and design a professional-looking website without having to know anything about coding, web development, or

How to solve Redirect issues

How to redirect a URL in WordPress?

Fixing Redirect Issues in WordPress can be solved in multiple ways. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty simple. 😊

Keyword Research on Google

Keyword Research on Google

Keyword Research Fundamentals to Grow your Website Before I talk about the exact steps to find keywords for generating traffic

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